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Cessy vom Osterberg ZB-Nr.: 1140/08 D1, S1(Suchensieger), VGP1, SI, HN, HD-A2, Fw. V
Family tree  
Father: WS KS Heiko vom Osterberg
photo D1,S1,VGP1,IKP1/V1,Kleemann best./V1,
Family tree VBR,HN,BTR,sil.Fw.V1 CAC,CACIB,BIS,BOG,BOB, World champion Dortmund 2003
Mother: KS Onja vom Osterberg ( Emma ) : Roncalli v.d.Asseburg x Osterberg
photo D1,D1,S1,VGP1,Sw1a (20 St. Suchensieger),HN,
Family tree Fw.V1 (CACIT Kurhessen ),Kleemann best./V


The WS prefix before the dog's name is a title meaning world champion, the KS prefix - Kurtshaar Champion (author's note).

The “vom Osterberg” kennel was founded in 1960 by Mr. Dr. Albert Lemmer.  At this time, this kennel is one of the oldest kennels of German kurtshaar.  During its half century of existence, more than 800 puppies were bred in the kennel.  Dr. Albert Lemmer made a great contribution to the development and formation of the German kurtshaar, a pointer as we know it today.

One of the celebrities in the vom Osterberg kennel is a male dog Heiko vom Osterberg.  After excellently passing all possible tests and winning the most difficult kurtshaar competitions IKP1 and Kleemann1, the male dog Heiko vom Osterberg was conferred  the title of Champion Kurtshaar.  And in 2003 in Dortmund, after numerous victories in exhibitions on the appearance, Heiko was awarded the title of World Champion. 

From 2004 to 2007 the male Heiko became one of the most popular breeding reproducers of kurtshaar. During this time, 25 litters yielded 193 puppies (source:  http://www.deutschkurzhaar.de). Many of them became winners of various contests and exhibitions and are successfully used for breeding.

As for our Cessy vom Osterberg, we make every effort to also contribute to the development of our beloved breed of German kurtshaar.