Litter - "B", of 30.06.2011

It has become a very beautiful, peaceful and even-tempered litter.

Baron vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1067/11, brown
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Baron is in Boeblingen and has to take over the leader of the pack role later. The older DK ladies, 15 and 6 years old are pleased about the offspring…....

Bax vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1068/11 , brown
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Bax went to Saint Petersburg / Russia and keeps his family there quite busy. Make us proud, my friend!
Russia: 3 x Fw. sg1 (J); 3 x CW; 3 x BIP

Blasco vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1070/11, brown
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Blasco is closeby our Arfa vom Engelsheim and always wants to be allowed to play with her.
VJP63, D1, SI, sg (J), HD-A2

Brax vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1071/11, brown
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Brax remains in Swabian Messstetten and will hopefully play a role in breeding.
VJP50, D1, SI, sg (J)

Benjamin vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1069/11, brown
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Benjamin went to Saratov / Russia to a very experienced DK-guide who has his dogs tested in Germany. We will see you often, Benny!!!

Belly vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1076/11, brown
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The beautiful Belly has found a new home in a loving family with DK experience and is near Stuttgart, not far away from us.

Beauty vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1074/11, brown
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Beauty is now at home in Ekaterinburg (Ural) / Russialand. If all goes well, Beauty will be used for breeding.
Russia: 2 x Fw. sg1 (J); BIB; Germany: VJP58, D1, HD-A2

Bella vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1075/11, brown
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Bella has gone to Niznij Novgorod / Russia and will be able to hunt grouse and game in the future with a DK guide and an English Setter (I am envious...). Good luck girl! I will visit you, too...

Briska vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1077/11, brown
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Briska lives with an experienced DK guide in Italy and has and older female DK dog as a hunting companion.
sg3 (J)

Bavaria vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1072/11, Dbrschl.m.Pln.m.br.K
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Bavaria is now at home in Omsk (Siberia) / Russia and is having a “field day in the pristine hunting grounds‘‘. I will visit you, beautiful….We will still hunt together...
Russia: 2 x Fw. sg1 (J); BIB, BIP, CW

Buffy vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1078/11, Hbschl.m.br.K.
Pedigree all photos

Buffy is going to stay with us. She will become our breeding female.
VJP63, D1, S2, S1, HN, SI, sg (J), HD-A1

Baxy vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1073/11, Dbrschl.m.Pln.m.br.K.
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Baxy has found her new home on a horse farm and will be able to hunt boar and small game on several hunting grounds with an experienced dog man. Good luck, my dear!!!


Cessy vom Osterberg, ZB-Nr.: 1140/08
D1, S1(Suchensieger), VGP1, SI, HN, HD-A2, Fw. V

KS Rocky von Neuarenberg, ZB-Nr.: 0081/04
D1 (J)*, S1 (J), LN, VJP74, VGP1, SJ, HN, SW1/1, VBR, BTR, HD-0, Fw. V1 (Dr. Kleemann 2006 - V3) Pedigree


Cessy vom Osterberg, ZB-Nr.: 1140/08

D1 - Derby Prize 1
S1 - Solms Prize 1 + winner of the competition
VGP1 - Association Utility test of full fitness for the hunt, Prize 1
LN / SI - Loudness certification
HN - Hardness certification
HD-А2 - Absence of hip dysplasia
V- Exterior - excellent



KS Rocky von Neuarenberg

(KS = champion Kurzhaar) Rocky von Neuarenberg, ZB-Nr.: 0081/04
D1(J)* - Derby Prize 1 in the age of five months + Andreas star (“J” - confirmation of "precocity")
S1(J) - Solms Prize 1 in the age of twelve months (“J” - confirmation of "precocity")
LN (Spurlaut) - Loudness certification, dog bays on track (without visual contact to a beast!)
VJP 74 (maximum possible score) – A national spring juvenile hunt test, roughly the equivalent of a Derby, but with mandatory work on "healthy" rabbit trail.
VGP1 - Association Utility test of full fitness for the hunt, Prize 1
SJ – Confirmation of excellent work on wild boar in the wild
HN - Hardness certification
SW1/1 – Blood tracking test (1 km track) with a Prize 1
VBR - Hunt retrieve certification
BTR – Retrieving reliability test
HD0 - Absence of hip dysplasia
V - Exterior - excellent (Dr. Kleemann 2006 - V3)


Over the three years (from 2007 to 2009) Rocky von Neuarenberg was the most in-demand Deutsch Kurzhaar stud dog. Rocky von Neuarenberg is notable for its extreme "precocity", which according to the statistical data is stubbornly transferred to its offspring. Only during these three years, 35 couplings resulted in 272 puppies. In addition to their unsurpassed working qualities, the descendants of Rocky von Neuarenberg inherit not only dark eyes, but also excellent pigment. Rocky von Neuarenberg is regularly and successfully used both in the hunts for the fowl and predators and for ungulate game animals, with emphasis on the wild boar.


Statistics of the stud dog KS Rocky von Neuarenberg 0081/04 for 2007-2009
(Excerpt from the Sudbook (2007-2009yy):  from Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband e.V.

Rearing year





2007 10 38 46 84
2008 14 49 49 98
2009 11 51 39 90
Total progeny: 35 138 134 272







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