About us

Born in the Caucasus, in the family of a hunter, and raised with Russian piebald hounds and the father's double-barrelled gun in the closet, which I often got out when father was not at home, I could not imagine my life without fishing, hunting and  dogs.  My childhood memories are closely linked with mountains, ripe rose hip, lots of agarics, with cold spring water on hot days and loudly barking hounds persecuting the boar. 

After returning to the land of my forefathers in 1991, while in Germany and starting my life from scratch, for a long time I sadly recalled my carefree childhood:  mountains, woods, smell of spent cartridges, rapidly running river - Sulak, and of course hunting dogs.

Years went by.  Those long nine months of preparatory courses which seemed  endless to me and my wife came to an end, we successfully passed all examinations for hunting tickets.  When hunting for the first time without our  own dog, we looked for a highly versatile, or as they say in Germany, a "universal" dog, which could act both "before" and "after" the shot, both on the hoofed game and on game birds.  The dog should be able to cope alone with the fox and raccoon, be elegant and unwavering, kind to children, i.e. fit for everything that life may offer.

Not surprisingly, our choice was the German pointer (kurtshaar),
who became the fifth member of our family.

And what led you to choose your pointer?