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October 30 - Anis and Assi from Engelsheim are hunting at 4.5 months!

Many thanks to our Romanian friends for beautiful photos and a story written about a hunt with dogs from our dog breeding kennel.
Despite of their very young age both dogs are perfectly working in a field and give their masters a lot of unforgettable moments.
These photos indisputable confirm early maturation of our dogs.

Assi pointing on quail...

Assi is fetching a quail...

The quail wad fetched and given in a careful manner, and this allowed perpetuating this trophy on the photo...

Anis fetching over an obstacle – preparation to a complex VGP

Impeccable serve...

Love from the first sight: Vasily and Anis!


October 1. - We’ve got a reply from Moscow region!

Many thanks to owners of Amigo vom Engelsheim for cordial lines and this present!


September 29 – visiting friends in Romania!


Anis and Assi – such beautiful that it’s impossible to take your eyes off them!


September 18 - We’ve got a reply from Volgograd!

Aramis is fishing...

... got you!


September 12 - "my school time has begun..."


September 1 - «Beautiful time, feast for the eyes...», but it’s time to part...

...even though we tried not to think about it but on the 16th of August we said goodbye to our first pet. Puppies were taken one after another, and we soon felt unusual silence around us. And calmness we dreamt about couple of days ago came as a surprise to us.

But we are calmed and, honestly speaking, inspired by assurance that our “children” are in good and safe hands. We know for sure that they will do great things in future!

With all our hearts we wish good luck and success to all “Engelsheimers, and a lot of unforgettable happy moments to their masters!

Best regards,
Yevgeny, Inna and dog breeding kennel «vom Engelsheim“

P.S. To see place of living of our puppies click


August 7 – splendid evening

... near the fire.
thoughts about near parting make you despondent and evoke sadness...

9. July 2010


Dear friends of German Kurzhaar and visitors of our site!


We sincerely thank you for your numerous positive responses, e-mails, questions and calls. To the extent possible we are trying to reply to your letters as soon as possible.

At the present the thing we were striving for and dreamt about the most, i.e. our litter, takes up the most of our time. We are trying to the best of our abilities to update our site with actual photos on the daily basis and inform new owners of our puppies of all events.

For the future we have planned some other interesting projects. So, do not forget to visit our site.

Evgeny, Inna and kennel vom Engelsheim



June 20 – last preparations

What would you do without me?!




Lie down at my place, and I’ll lie down at yours, OK?



21. May - Ultrasound at the Veterinarian

Im In the waiting room... (how much longer is this going to take?!)

Doc, just tell me what you are looking at!!!

Yippee!!! Don’t say anything, I can see for myself...

Now it is official – Cessy is expecting!


22. and 24. April - Cessy’s occupancy changes from Hege-Haus to KS Ungaro.

Detailed information on this connection can be found here


 9. April - According to the Proof (LN)



Today we were able to polish up our cross searching within the framework of the DERBY preparation day for young dogs.

Cessy noisily came up with her first rabbit here. Luckily, two JGHV judges were present and we were able to provide unexpected proof of this.



Cessy came up with the second rabbit, we moved the rest of our exercises to an area where there was not any game.


31. October and 1. November 2009 - «VGP» in Todenhausen

Cessy passed the VGP in Todenhausen with first place along with her litter siblings.

Not bad! The dog is only 18 months old and has already taken first place at Derby, Solms and VGP! That is really not too bad!


Braves Mädchen!


19. September 2009 - «Solms» in Echterdingen

Cessy has her second test in Echterdingen by the
Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V. and becomes the youngest short-haired pointer to take first place.


The calm before the storm...


On your mark, get set...






 Awards Ceremony (now it is clear who pays the red wine...)


 The trophy gets a place of honour for the next year!






11. April 2009 - «Derby» in Bevern

Cessy passed her first test in Bevern along with her siblings to achieve first prize.


Work in the field



Let’s celebrate!