Litter - "А", of 23.06.2010

The litter was really fine. There were all possible colours in it.

Aaron vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1071/10
Pedigree all photos

 Aaron lives in Prague / Czechia and in due course should demonstrate his qualities in stock breeding.

Awards: D1, D1-Suchensieger (Czech Republic), S1 (Czech Republic), CACT (Czech Republic), IKP1, HD0, Fw. V

Alex vom Engelsheim, alias Vuk
ZB-Nr.: 1072/10
Pedigree all photos

Alex goes to Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and is hunting in beautiful lands near Heidelberg town.
Awards: D3, D2, sg, HD-A1, Fw. sg

Amigo vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1073/10
Ahnentafel all photos

Amigo lives in Moscow region and will be hunting in the huge wilds of Russia and Ukraine.
Awards: 2 x CW1 (Moscow)

Aramis vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1074/10
Pedigree all photos

Aramis lives in Volgograd. By that he executed the dream of his new master.
Awards: Russia: Fw. V, J.CAC, J.CAC CW/ПК , J.CAC CW, BIG, BIS3 - Russian Youth Champion, Д3

Asko vom Engelsheim, alias Hannes
ZB-Nr.: 1075/10
Pedigree all photos

Asko stays in his native Swabia in Westhausen town near Aalen and is hunting in several lands at once. Lucky him.
Awards: D3, D1, S3, BrP, Btr, HN, V2, HD-A1, Fw. V

Ayk vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1076/10
Pedigree all photos

 Ayk found his new home in Haunetal-Rhina town in a family of former forester and huntsman. Good luck Ayk!
Awards: D3, Fw. V

Adra vom Engelsheim, alias Arfa
ZB-Nr.: 1077/10
Pedigree all photos

Arfa lives with our friends in Blumberg town in picturesque Black Forest!
Awards: D3, VJP72, D1, S1, sg, VGP1 317P (Suchensieger)

Alfa vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1078/10
Pedigree all photos

 Alfa lives in friend’s family in Lithuania. She has all lands in Baltics at her disposal.

Anis vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1079/10
Pedigree all photos

 Anis is now in the earthy heaven; she lives in Romania with a breeder, whose meaning of life are dogs and hunt.
Awards: 7xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BOG, KV1/D1 (Hungary), S1 (Hungary), VGP3 (Germany), Fw. V1

Assi vom Engelsheim
ZB-Nr.: 1080/10
Pedigree all photos

Assi lives in Romania and hunts in the lands known in all Europe.
Awards: RJCh, RCh, RChCL, VJP65 (Rumänien), KV1/D1 (Hungary), AZP1 (Hungary), IKP1, HD0, Fw. V



First contact with caught fowl

Video pheasant (7. August)
Video boar (6. August)
Video Kanininchen (4. August)
Asko and Assi with a duck (1. August)
At the milk bar :) (5. Juli)
1. Video: here we are :)


Cessy vom Osterberg, ZB-Nr.: 1140/08

D1, S1(Suchensieger), VGP1, SI, HN, HD-A2, Fw. V

Ungaro KS vom Hege-Haus, ZB-Nr.: 0466/03

schönster Rüde bei der Kleemann 2008, Vaterlinie: rein Hege-Haus



Ungaro KS vom Hege-Haus is a very elegant hunting dog in an excellent pigment. He is very capable, hard-working and has a completely calm and pleasant manner. Ungaro is attached to his owner and easily follows various dog commands. He is very passionate about hunting and carrying any of his tasks, however performs them in a very concentrated manner and independently pursuing the objective and being fully confident about his efforts. His excellent dressage opportunities impress every observer.


In recent years, Ungaro KS from Hege-Haus has become a very significant dog, they are grown and bred domestically and abroad, and it is the most often bred and raised hunting dog of the German short-haired breed. His progeny also feature unquestionably excellent properties during the tests, and a highly valuable shape.



Statistics of the stud dog KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus 0466/03 for 2007-2010
(Excerpt from the Studbook (2007-2010 yy): Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband e.V.

Rearing year





2007 7 31 20 51
2008 9 42 29 71
2009 7 25 32 57
2010 7 20 25 45
Total progeny: 30 118 106 224







From this promising litter we expect calm and capable puppies who are very good swimmers and have an excellent sense of prey. Both dogs have excellent understanding and high obedience during hunting, are regularly used for hunting yet simultaneously are calm, firm, delicate and lovely family dogs. Various colour options are expected.


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