News 2014


October 2014 - Dr. Kleemann in Bavaria

Congratulations to Petr and Marketa with KS Aaron vom Engelsheim from Czech Republic on succeeding Dr. Kleemann - breed selection examination!!!

KS Aaron vom Engelsheim


Petr and Marketa...



August 8, 2014: puppies were born in the dog breeding kennel vom Engelsheim! All information here...



18 july 2014 - at the lecture of Doctor Lemmer “Kurzhaar Anatomy”


Interesting and informative. Sometimes it seems that his knowledge is inexhaustible!
Legendary person and proficient veterinary and breeder.
All day has fled as one hour!



17 july 2014 - Ungaro vom Hege-Haus passed away to the world of eternal hunting...

We wish you full fields there, old fellow...



18 may 2014 - Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V. Club organized the Jubilee Monobreed Dog Show.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V. Club organized the Monobreed Dog Show. 36 dogs took part in it.

The Judicial Committee consisted of veterinary and legendary breeder from vom Osterberg kennel Doctor Albert Lemmer, Annette Miller and Uli Krause.

Minutes were kept by Michael Hammerer, new President of Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband e.V. Association.

Chief Dog Specialist Gerd Schad responsible for stock breeding in Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband e.V.
nd breeder of vom Thüringer Zipfel kennel with his male dog Flipp vom Thüringer Zipfel took part in it

Dental exam.
Besides, good master trains his dog to undergo this procedure from puppyhood.

Our kennel was presented by male dog Ayk vom Engelsheim.
Ayk under the eagle eye of Doctor Lemmer...

It was really informative to listen to assessment of the male dog from the ring and parallel comments of Gerd Schad.

Even though comments from both parts were similar...

... we would like to finally hear the final verdict of the Judicial Committee!

I was here also...
our Anastasia

Definitely and indisputably: assessment of exterior - "perfect", Fw. V!!!


Shining President of Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V. Club with 30-year experience and exhibition promoter.
He had a cause for great mood - everything was great!!!



10 may 2014 - Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verein Mainfranken e.V. Club advanced training courses for experts.

According to JGHV (German Association of Breeding of Hunting Dogs) rules every expert must periodically attend advanced training courses. After I heard that this time courses will be held by Wolfgang Wischmeyer (responsible for the studbook of all Deutsch breeding of hunting dogs and legendary breeder of Rothenuffeln kennel) I surely registered myself to this event.

Many proficient experts with many years of experience have come to take the courses

Courses consisted of a theoretical part...

... and a practical part directly in the field where works of several dogs absolutely different in age were analyzed.

I would like to thank my lucky stars that I am able to learn from such people as Wolfgang Wischmeyer!




3. april 2014 - we have spring!

Spring! It´s very nice...



I congratulate Dimitrij and Beauty vom Engelsheim with such a trophy!
Thanks you very much for the invitation to this hunt! I will come!