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5 November 2011 - Family reunion at friends: Cessy vom Osterberg with Arfa, Buffy and Blasco vom Engelsheim. Thank you for the great day!!!

A breeder’s happy moments...
Cessy vom Osterberg with Arfa, Buffy and Blasco vom Engelsheim

Engelsheimers go!!!



November 2011 - We have one champion more!!!


Aramis vom Engelsheim
J.CAC, J.CAC CW/ПК, J.CAC CW, BIG, BIS3, Russian junior Champion, Fw. V, Д3

Congratulations go out to Russia!!!


October 2011 - Our Arfa vom Engelsheim passes the Solms with 1st degree diploma!!!

Congratulations girl!!!


Anis vom Engelsheim also passest he Solms in Hungary with 1st degree diploma on 8 October!!!

Congratulations go out to Romania!!!


August 2011 – We have reworked our "Video" rubric. Enjoy watching!!!



Mai 2011- Aaron vom Engelsheim Aaron earned two 1st degree diploma!

D1, D1 (Suchensieger)


Mai 2011- the breed dog show in Romania: Assi vom Engelsheim "Excelent - Best Junior" and title CACJ

Very fine dog...


29 May 2011 - Anis and Assi vom Engelsheim participated in Hungarian Derby: both hounds earned the 1st degree diploma!


Vаsily with Anis and Dan with Assi

Derby, Hungary, 29 May 2011

Happy faces...


29 May 2011- Asko vom Engelsheim becomes first among juniors- SG1 (J)

A Uniform Breed Dog Show was held by the German club DK-Mainfranken where Asko vom Engelsheim became first among juniors.


27 May 2011 - everything is processing according to the plan (ultrasound at veterinarian’s)

We’re all right!!!

 Preliminary results of A-litter

16 April 2011 - the spring DERBY test held by the German club Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V. attended by all four dogs of our kennel, which stayed in the native Germany.

Asko vom Engelsheim – the partridge pointing...

Asko vom Engelsheim – let me do it again!!!

Asko vom Engelsheim – when the work is done, go have a rest...

Alex vom Engelsheim – completely calm while waiting for his turn...

Alex vom Engelsheim – ... duh, finally, I’m next...

Ayk vom Engelsheim

Ayk vom Engelsheim – the poor Ayk travelled to the tests for more than six hours. His masters’ car broke down while on the road. They had to call a tow truck, return home and change the car. Thank goodness that there was plenty of time left...

Arfa (Adra) vom Engelsheim – the calmness itself...


Unfortunately, a very small number of birds and hosts’ brief experience (it was the first test with the first kurzhaar for all of them) could not but affect the results. As a result, all our dogs were able to earn ‘only’ the 3rd degrees diplomas and even the fact that the work of vom Engelsheim kennel was awarded a separate prize, comforted a little... For us, this just wasn’t enough... All of us were perfectly aware of the fact that the dogs are capable of much more...


17 April 2011 - the spring VJP tests held by the Bavarian club Jagdgebrauchshundeverein Augsburg e.V. seit 1889
The VJP tests are similar to DERBY, but with more mandatory work on the ‘healthy’ rabbit trail.

The major difficulty was that Arfa harp was prepared by her owner only and was never in the field with me... So all that remained was to rely on one of the ‘universal’ dog’s many valuable qualities: the dog must continue working even if the guiding person has changed...

Upon our arrival, I handed my binoculars (with a 12-times magnification) over to Andreas and his wife Monica (Arfa's owners) and asked them not to show themselves to Arfa until the end of testing and not to stand down the wind.

As always: the calm before the battle... (total concentration, mere seconds remaining to the start...)

The first test stage included the work on ‘healthy’ rabbit trail. Arfa showed a brilliant result (and not once but twice) and earned eleven instead of ten points, which is a big exception according to the VJP conducting regulation.

After earning 10 points in all subsequent stages, Arfa and I stood the 72-points test (equal to the Derby’s 1st degree diploma). Out of the twelve dog-participants of the tests, only one was able to surpass us by earning 73 points.

Arfa vom Engelsheim has shown excellent results in spite of the fact that the guiding person was "not familiar" to her...

Oh, I think that’s my master coming... I wonder where he has been all this time???

Happy faces: Andreas and his Arfa with the breeder...

Andreas was so elated with victory, that two weeks later he himself once again stood the test for Derby’s 1st degree diploma. Well done!!! Keep it up!!!

Finally, Asko vom Engelsheim also repeated his test for Derby’s 1st degree diploma.

The owner and dog driller Alex vom Engelsheim received a serious knee injury and his wife has to act as a guiding person during re-testing - the 2nd degree Diploma. This is yet another confirmation of the fact that replacement of guiding person should not (significantly) affect the quality of dog’s work.

Ayk vom Engelsheim was the only one, who (due to preoccupation of his owner) did not receive second chance to perform at Derby and reveal his full potential.

15 May 2011 - the uniform-breed dog show organized by the German club Württembergischer Kurzhaarklub e.V.

All participants

Dogs from vom Engelsheim kennel: Alex, Asko and Arfa

Asko vom Engelsheim

Alex vom Engelsheim

Daughter and mother: Arfa vom Engelsheim and Cessy vom Osterberg

All dogs of our kennel presented at this show got the highest evaluations possible for their age groups: Very Good or sg(J). We would like to congratulate their owners with all our hearts!

Hey master, have your diploma and give me my sausage!

The show was accompanied by the traditional hunting motifs...

«Tradition is not worshiping of cold ashes, but rather preservation of a burning fire» - German proverb


21 May 2011: News from Volgograd / Russia

Aramis vom Engelsheim

Dad’s copy (Ungaro vom Hege-Haus)

At the Volgograd regional hunting dogs show Aramis vom Engelsheim was rated ‘Very well’. Congratulations to his owners Alexander and Irina!!!



January 29 - Amigo vom Engelsheim was awarded in Moscow two titles CW-I, best puppy of breed!

On January 29 the Single Breed Show (rank – Club Winner) took place under judge Patsy Hollings (UK).
By taking the first place Amigo vom Engelsheim became the ring winner after getting the evaluation “Very perspective” and the rank: CW-I, best puppy of breed.

Evaluation of the expert Patsy Hollings (UK) was confirmed at All-Russia dog show for dogs of all breeds dedicated to the memory of L.P. Sabaneyev (rank – Champion of Russian Cynological Federation). This time  Claudio de Giuliani (Italy) acted as the expert of FCI group VII.

Amigo vom Engelsheim became the ring winner and had got the evaluation “Very perspective” and the rank: CW-I, best puppy of breed.
We heartily congratulate owners of Amigo!!!

Noble dog!!!

Let this be your start!!!!


On January 19-23 the annual Show “Hunting and Fishing” took place in Ulm City. All breeds of hunting dogs were also presented at this Show.

We enjoyed the privilege of introducing breed of the German pointer on the January 23. We intentionally came to the Show one hour before to conduct the photo shoot in empty show pavilions.

Show rooms were decorated perfectly!
Chamois on the rocks.

Royal stag...

... and the heart of the pointing dog owner leapt with excitement!


Badgers by the hole 

All exhibits were notable for their high quality!
Ermine looks like natural!

The most carnivorous bird in Germany: common buzzard or buzzard


An exhibition stand of the German shorthaired pointer – 15 minutes before Show opening

We were very glad we came one hour earlier. As after opening it would be impossible to photograph due to large number of Show guests...

From 11 a.m. to 13 p.m. under comments of the President of Hunting Association all breeds of hunting dogs were introduced.
Here the time has come for the
German shorthaired pointer!