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I congratulate Dimitrij and Beauty vom Engelsheim with such a trophy!
Thanks you very much for the invitation to this hunt! I will come!


26. IKP  2013 of 19. to 21.09.2013 in the Czech Republic

Congratulations to Prague for Petr with  Aaron vom Engelsheim!!!
1 price with 132 points (4h im StmE), Fw. V

... and Dan with Assi vom Engelsheim
1 price with 136 points, Fw. Sg.

We are proud of you!!!!!!




Spring 2013: wonderful time!!!

Beauty vom Engelsheim - after a good hunting in Russia.
Congratulation, Dimitrij!!!



March, 2013: We have one Champion more!!!

Beauty vom Engelsheim - Russian Junior Champion

Germany: VJP 58, D1, HD-A2;
Russia: 2xCW, 3xCAC(J), BOB(J), 2xBEST(J), 2xCAC, 2xBOB, BIB,
Champion РФЛС (Россиская Федерация любительского собаководства),
Champion РКФ



March 10, 2013: Education completed for being a performance judge, proof of general knowledge furnished! I am now entitled to judge following exams: VJP, Derby, HZP, AZP, Solms и VGP.

 Thanks to all who supported me during that time. Special thanks to my wife Inna. Without you and your support it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you very much my dear!!!

February 2013:

Our Aaron vom Engelsheim had been utilized three times already in Czechia.
Additional matings are planned.

The first litter was on 10.02.2013. Detailed information you will find here…

 Information on the second litter you will find here...

Information on the third mating you will find here...

We wish all three breeders all the best and great results!!!