Litter - "C", of 08.08.2014


male Calypso vom Engelsheim

male Cliff vom Engelsheim

 bitch Clementine vom Engelsheim

Сука Citta vom Engelsheim



Titan vom Thüringer Zipfel (son of the European Champion KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus and Oda Engholms), pedigree
2 x D1 (Derby – Level 1 Diploma) points for sense of smell 4h - perfect, points for finding ability 4h - perfect
- S1 (Solms – Level 1 Diploma)
- VGP1 with 327 points "mit Übernachtfährte" (the federal exam of all-round full fitness for hunting - Level 1 Diploma, blood tracking of maximum complexity)
- VBR (confirmation of return of lost items)
- LN (confirmation of voice)
- HN (confirmation of severity/ malignancy toward predators)
- HD-A2 (coxofemoral dysplasia - no)
- Fw. V (
exterior - perfect)



Cessy vom Osterberg (daughter of the World Champion KS Heiko vom Osterberg and KS Onja vom Osterberg), pedigree
- D1 (Дерби - Level 1 Diploma)
- S1(Solms – Level 1 Diploma + winner of competitions)
- VGP1 (the federal exam of all-round full fitness for hunting - Level 1 Diploma)
- SI (confirmation of voice at a real hunt)
- HN (confirmation of severity/ malignancy toward predators)
- HD-A2 (coxofemoral dysplasia - no)
- Fw. V (
exterior - perfect)



Cessy vom Osterberg
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Titan vom Thüringer Zipfel is the son of the legendary breeder KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus and one of the last representatives of Hege-Haus line. KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus was four times used in stock breeding in the breeding kennel vom Osterberg (all mating statistics can be found here). There were no faulty puppies in any litter. Moreover, the dogs from these litters are distinguished by their working abilities and exterior during tests and dog shows both in Germany and abroad.


Considering advice of Doctor Lemmer (owner of the breeding kennel vom Osterberg) we also serviced our brood bitch Cessy vom Osterberg with KS Ungaro vom Hege-Haus in 2010. We were right as we were really satisfied by results of this mating. There were no problems in our litter, just as Doctor Lemmer predicted. Our puppies were taken to Germany, Czechia, Romania, Lithuania, and Russia. All dogs have great inherited qualities and please their owners at real hunts. Many dogs in different countries have become champions in exterior. Aaron and Assi vom Engelsheim at the age of 3 years were presented at IKP in Czechia and returned home with Level 1 Diplomas. Success and achievements of descendants from this litter can be seen here.


Find video of the A-litter here:
video №1 and video №2



Advantage of Titan over Ungaro in exterior is in his height. Ungaro by standards was of “maximum” height and in the great majority of cases was stubbornly passing this quality to his descendants. Titan is significantly lower in height and with regard to his descendants he is stubbornly passing his “medium” height as well.


Owner of Titan Gerd Schad is a member of presidium of Deutsch Kurzhaar Association and is responsible for breeding.



We expect so much from this litter and we do really hope that we will be able to properly continue what was started by Hege-Haus kennel. All acceptable colours are expected in the litter.

Puppies will be transferred to new owners (exceptionally hunters) in the in the first week of october, 2014. In order to avoid needless correspondence we ask you in advance to give us information about yourselves (hunting experience, experience with dogs), puppy purchase purpose (hunting, shows, competitions) and dog housing conditions (apartment, house, pound). We would like to thank you in advance for this information. We ask you to take into consideration that this year over keeping of puppies is not available. Distribution of puppies will be made exceptionally at our discretion and without appointment.


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